District Office Info

Thunder Ridge Schools Mission Statement:

Thunder Ridge USD 110 will seek through cooperation and unity to create a district where the welfare of the students is the primary objective.  In order to accomplish this we will involve the school board, administration, highly qualified professional staff, students and representatives of all communities.  We believe that with open communication and mutual respect the district will be one that provides outstanding education in a safe and challenging environment.  We will never cease in our pursuit of excellence..

Thunder Ridge Schools Objective:

  • Be financially responsible.
  • Use commonsense on making timely decisions by consensus.
  • Keep open communication for all parties involved.
  • Focus on the welfare of all communities.
  • Provide a diversified, quality education to all students.
  • Strive to meet AYP and Standard of Excellence.
  • 100% graduation rate.
  • Promote self-esteem and respect for all students.
  • Prepare all students for future endeavors.
  • Strive for growth and success.

Thunder Ridge Goals:

  1. Maximize student achievement in all areas.
    1. Improve graduation rate to 96%.
    2. Meet AYP in all curricular areas tested.
    3.  Strive to reach the Standard of Excellence in all areas.
    4. Ensure that every school exceeds the state standard for daily attendance.
    5. Provide a safe learning environment that is free of drugs and violence while promoting self-esteem and self-control
  2. Maximize community involvement to facilitate understanding, communication, and cooperation among all patrons, parents, staff, and students.
    1.  Promote community involvement in student activities
    2. Utilize the school newsletter Longhorn Legend, local television channel, USD 110 website, and local newspapers to promote Thunder Ridge Schools
    3. Educate parents regarding curricular and extracurricular programs in the schools
    4. Use Open Houses in each of the buildings to promote community awareness of the school district and encourage the public to bemore familiar with the school environment
  3. Provide and maintain quality facilities
    1.  Review annually the facilities and establish a prioritized list of building projects over a three year period
    2. Maintain a schedule of preventive maintenance for district buildings and grounds
  4. Provide curriculum, staff development, and technology that meet the needs of all students
    1. Review each major curricular area at least once every 5 years
    2. Support staff development activities for our teachers, administrators and the entire staff to ensure that learning is of the highest quality
    3. Purchase all necessary textbooks and related materials when each curricular area is studied.
    4. Integrate career development activities at all levels of instruction
    5. Maintain a district-wide technology plan that will support academic learning and facilitate parent/student/teacher communication
    6. The district shall provide appropriate resources to meet the needs of special needs students, economically disadvantaged students, and at-risk students.
  5. Review yearly the financial plan for the district
    1. Evaluate the financial impact of a substantial decrease in student population in the future enrollment of the district. Have a contingency plan to deal a situation of this nature.
    2. Execute due diligence with regard to all matters of finance in order to maximize the value of our expenditures, to tightly control spending, and to broaden financial forecasting for three years forward.
    3. When the five year forecast projects a year in which expenditures could exceed revenues, a cost reduction plan will be developed to control expenditures and deficit spending.
    4. Maintain spending approximately 65% of the yearly budget on student instruction.
    5. Maintain a balance of $225,000 or more in the Capital Outlay Fund
    6. Develop a spending plan to address a per pupil spending amount per building
    7. Explore any or all areas of cost reduction potential in all buildings.